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Step 1: Lipocavit

Physioline introduced Lipocavit, a revolutionary concept that reduces fat using medically proven safe and deep Ultrasound Aesthetic Therapy.

Lipocavit is a proven technique that eliminates up to 8 cm of fat by the end of each treatment. This pain free technique can be used without or after plastic surgery and gives better results when coupled with cellulite treatment sessions or muscles toning programs.

Lipocavit treatment has proven to reduice cellulite, skin tags, heavy legs and body aging effects. Its huge margin of positive results makes it a widely used technique by renowned physicians worlwide on satisfied clients.

Physioline is proud to be a pioneer by introducing this technique in Lebanon and thus be part of the revolutionary change in the world of aesthetics.

Step 2: Lipomassage by LPG

Physioline presents Endermolab, the latest generation of LPG machines and proves once again being the leading company in providing excellent and highly professional beauty care.

LPG reduces cellulite built up areas by combining two techniques: rolling and aspiration. LPG is also widely known to rejuvenate skin tissues.

Endermology stimulates the blood and lymphatic systems and drains toxins from the body. When needed, LPG is combined with a muscle-toning program to maximize results.

LPG is the secondary necessary step after Cavitation towards the achievement of the aesthetically ideal body.

Protocols :

Near 60 programs, used other then bosy and face beauty for:

  • Fitness : Preparation LPG treatment, Recovery LPG treatment

  • Health: Fibrosis, inflammation, oedema, lymphoedema, venous insufficiency...

  • Sport : Ligament tendon injury, preparation , recovery...

  • Spa : Liposculpting treatment, Cellulite smoothing treatment...

  • Aesthetic Medical: Pre- and post-liposuction, Pre- and post-lifting

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