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Physical Rehabilitation Department and Sports Medicine


Physioline Rehabilitation Center, owned by physical therapist Mr. Malek F. Ounsi and founded in Beirut in 1955, has a long stand reputation with physical therapy treatments, sports injury treatments. Its goal is to restore the previous functional level using efficient therapies and necessary rehabilitation programs accompanied by top of the line machines coping with the latest trends in technology.

Physioline provides you with the highest quality of care by:

  • Listening to your concerns and needs.
  • Communicating effectively and efficiently with other health care professionals funding providers to impact the most effective treatment programs.
  • Utilizing a holistic approach to provide you with specific treatment programs.
  • Allowing you to take the initiative in your treatment program with self-management directives and home excercise programs.

Our wide range of treatment programs are:

What happens during a physiotherapy session at Physioline?

Assessment & Evaluation:

A physical assessment takes place after receiving the patient to evaluate their physical disabilities. Following the assessment a briefing is made with the patients to acknowledge them with useful information concerning their case.

Treatment Plan:

An appropriate treatment plan follows combining both the equipments and the techniques, such as:

  • Thermotherapy : Cold or Heat

  • Physiotherapy modalities against pain and inflammation: Electrical stimulation, Ultrasound..

  • Strengthening and Relaxing the muscles

  • Cervical and Lumbar traction

  • Biodex Multi-joint System : Biodex assessment of physical impairments prior to initiating and during a rehabilitation program assures the fastest, most effective return to the desired level of function.

  • Balance system for balance & proprioception : The Biodex system evaluates the neuromuscular control by quantifying the ability to maintain dynamic postural stability on an unstable surface.

  • Mobilization

  • Exercises

Return to sports & Conditioning

Our physical therapists will help the patient to a safe return to activity or sport after deconditioning or injuries by giving effective programs and preventive advices.

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